Q : My country is not on the list of available countries you ship to, what can i do?

A : Please send us a message, in many cases we can make a manual order.


Q : Does the Tights cost the same for all destinations?

A : For all orders we send outside the european union, the price of the Tights will be reduced by 20%, because we doesn't collect VAT. However we suggest you check with your local Customs, if you must pay any import taxes. In Norway for example, you have to pay import tax and an additional handling fee, so it is important to be aware of this.


Q : How can i track my order?

A : Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking code from Postnord.dk, where you can get the most important information about the shipment. When you get the information that your parcel has arrived in your country, you can get more detailed information about the shipment in your country, by using the tracking code at your national postal providers homepage.


Q : Is there anything i should know before using my new Tights?

A : Our Tights is in a good quality, however they are just 25 denier, so it is very important, that you are careful when putting them on, making sure that you have no sharp edges that could rip up the tights.


Q : Is there anywhere i can see more pictures of your Tights?

A : We suggest that you follow us on Instagram, where you can see pictures of our Tights worn by our Customers. instagram.com/trendydonnalegwear